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Shells & Seaweed

Ceramic Work

I walk the beach looking for pieces of magic. I pick up a white shard of shell with an unusual pattern. Deep undulating ridges in a wide arc. Into my pocket. I walk a bit further and there is dried seaweed halfway stuck in the sand. A stark, black graphic against a smooth, gray background. Elongated spheres joined by long, straight ribbons with double, snake-tongue ends. I gently dig it out. This I will have to gently hold until I return home so it doesn't crumble in my pocket. 

The shell and the seaweed have resided in the ocean for many turns of the earth. They have collected thousands of days of sunlight, and luminescent, full, waxing and gibbous moons have shared their candor.

 When I impress the clay with these finds, I create a texture that binds the mystery of the sea to the earth. 

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