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Sand Tapestries

Ceramic Work

It was hard going, cold wind blowing at us, sand moving low to the ground in waves, impossible to catch properly on camera. As the waves came in they created lines of undulating foam. The wind blew the foam at us in stop motion rhythm, looking like a person blowing the foam off a top of a glass of beer. All the time I switched between visually drinking in the waves and looking at my feet for treasure.

I was not disappointed.


The wind, the sand and the objects stuck in the sand conspired to create little geometric still lives. They looked like the villages in ancient civilizations carved into the rock of canyons. Just before we turned around because our ears were so cold and headaches were beginning, we came across stumps carved away by the ocean and wind like driftwood. Such a banquet of shadow and light, soft curves and hard edges. 

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